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Blackjag offers solutions that use the power of information to make quick decisions. Solutions that move companies from ineffective and costly screening, to intelligent, effective hiring. Solutions that make HR's life easier. Solutions that cut down on the bottom line without sacrificing quality or convenience.

Blackjag continually achieves this by providing high value intelligence delivered through automation and transparent technology, direct access to information, and unparalleled customer service.

A comprehensive, modular suite of products that includes a criminal background check, previous employment verification, reference verification, residence address verification and a host of other employee personality and integrity assessment tests. A Web-based system with an easy-to-use interface, from order entry to result reporting. Stringent controls ensure process consistency and limit access to sensitive data.

Employment Verification - Verification of previous employment is critical to uncovering fraud. Determining the truthfulness of the worker��s self-reported employment history��including title, salary, attendance records, and reason for leaving�� is essential. Additionally, verification of employment dates may reveal gaps in a worker��s employment history.

Academic Qualifications Verification - Provides verification of any specified level of education desired. Information returned can include Date of Attendance; Type of Degree; Graduation Date.

Criminal Background Verification - Criminal background checks are essential to uncover undisclosed record/s of individuals who have been previously convicted of any offenses.

Reference Comments - Reference verification is critical to uncovering additional information with regards to the personality and nature of the candidate. Interviews are conducted with previous landlords, roommates, colleagues and neighbors, etc. with reference to years known and in what capacity, willingness of tenant to comply with past housing guidelines, identify strengths and weaknesses relating to living patterns, nature, etc.

Identity and Residential Address Verification - The residence address as provided by the individual whether current or previous (as required) is verified along with the address proof provided by the individual.

Civil Litigation Record Search - Civil Litigation Record search are essential to identify undisclosed record/s of individuals with respect to Labor and Service Law violations, Excise and Customs Violations, etc .

Personality Assessment Tests - Personality tests helps you assess individual candidates before you even interview them. It indicates particular aspects of a candidate��s behavior and attitude, which may be concealed from further probing during the selection process.

Integrity Assessment Tests - Integrity tests, focus on the assessment of strengths and weaknesses, by making use of state-of-the-art neural network techniques to unravel the complex nature of personal integrity, as it relates to the workplace.

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