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Corporate Security Challenge- Could you be at Risk?

Many organizations tend to view employment screening as little more than a hassle. It adds nothing to their bottom line (at least directly) and checking out a job applicant's background is not exactly an exciting task.

Which job candidate has not walked on water, or at least parted the Red Sea? The normal modesty, with which most people comfort themselves, flies out the window when they enter the job market. Resumes become shining examples of creative writing, with loyal foot soldiers in the corporate army morphing into field commanders. Candidates not only put their best foot forward, they also keep any embarrassing information tucked deep inside their pockets.

There are, of course, varying degrees of truth. It is one thing to take a little more credit than any single individual deserves for a $20 million sales increase - and quite another to claim a IIM degree when the person failed to graduate from high school. The problem is that in any given situation with any given individual, it is difficult to know what is truth, what is fiction and what may fall somewhere in-between.

Yet, financial liability for acts and misconduct of its employees is becoming one of the most significant areas of exposure for organizations. Organizations are utilizing background screening as a risk-management tool to limit their liability.

The Potential Risks:

- Employee theft -- anything from pilfering to embezzlement.

- Incompetence. The employee, it turns out, lacks the qualifications he or she claimed on the application, or was fired from a previous job for unsatisfactory performance.

- Employee is emotionally disturbed or has a serious personality problem, resulting in lowered morale or productivity in the organization.

- Employee is a drug user or alcoholic, damaging the organizations good image and reputation or resulting in serious interpersonal problems, absentism, etc. (Even worse��employee causes bodily harm to a customer while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.)

- Many other possible unfortunate consequences of lack of due diligence in hiring, too numerous to list��������

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